Author: Ming Liu

  • Making directory along with missing parents in Node.js

    Note: By the time this post is written, the Node.js is on version 0.6.10. Therefore anything in this post may or may not valid in the newer versions. Node.js file system API provide a bunch of functions to read/write files. One of them is the fs.mkdir(path, [mode], [callback]). However, this function itself does not provide […]

  • Our knowledge is like a circle

    Our knowledge is like a circle. Inside the circle is the thing you know about, outside the circle is the thing you don’t know about. A the edge of the circle is the thing you know you don’t know about. The longer this circumference is, the more knowledge you have, the more you realize you […]

  • Size is a fact, time is the result

    There has been FUD debates about story points estimation in Agile process cannot provide clear duration(time) information of a project. From what I’ve heard so far(which is limited amount of arguments, of course), I figure the people argue story points estimation doesn’t work or can’t provide duration information they needed are always put this practice […]

  • The dark side of the software industry

    Use complexities against complexities, add layers above layers Tools addict and don’t pay attention to enhance one’s skills Have customers to pay for our laziness Keep covering up failures and refuse to learn from them Neither learn from our own history, nor someone else intellectual outputs A bunch of people know nothing about software engineering […]

  • describe vs. context in rspec

    In Rspec world, you often see people using both “describe” blocks and “context” blocks together, like this describe “launch the rocket” do context “all ready” do end context “not ready” do end end So what’s the difference between “describe” and “context” really? According to the rspec source code, “context” is just a alias method of “describe”, […]